[Cities are] problems of organized complexity

By Eleonora Cappuccio

In the last fifty years, urbanization is becoming faster and faster. Sounds and figures are used to visualize the rising of the population of five cities around the world from 1960 to 2030. As the population grows, the city will re-organize its aspects to adapt to the new condition.

Featured image of the project [Cities are] problems of organized complexity

Metaphor used:

The increasing complexity of urban areas over the time that results from the rising of the urban population is represented by simulating a Chladni plate and a Tone generator. The Hertz will change accordingly to the percentage of the urban population. From random displays, the sand will take the form of different geometrical patterns.

Intended Meaning:

I do not want to concern the user but to make him conscious of the future of urbanization. Also, the infopoetry is meant to make people rethink their idea of City as a complex problem.