Chained to the rhythm

By Silvia Altamura

This is a chronicle of my activities on Instagram over 3 days. The aim is to give these gestures a new substance to show their recurrence. The dataset was translated into a visual and sonic loop. This is meant to imitate social media: they are quite mesmerizing, providing endless entertainment.

Featured image of the project Chained to the rhythm

Metaphor used:

Sonic loop: sound as signal and the loop to depict the repetitiveness of my unconscious scrolling

Intended Meaning:

I spend too many hours of the day on Instagram without even realizing it. So the aim of the project is to capture attention in an almost hypnotic way to recall the effect Instagram produces on my mind and to give a measure of all the time wasted in endless scrolling.


I tracked the time I spend on Instagram and what activities I do in the app: viewing and liking a post or a video, receiving and sending messages, posting stories, typing in the search bar.