Ceci n'est pas une Bonbon

By Jessica Camisasca

Ecstasy is a methamphetamine with significantly exciting effects whose pills presents drawings and bright colors used specifically to make the drug more attractive. Precisely for this reason I have chosen to represent the data through the use of the pills which, by their appearance very similar to the harmless candy, similarity also accentuated by the spatial arrangement of concentric circles. The connection to the famous Magritte’s work ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ that challenges the common way of looking at reality, is aimed at highlighting the contrast between representation and reality, ie between appearance and effect. The caption used indicates that the similarity of shape, colors and sizes with candies does not mean that they actually are, as drug traffickers try to make them appear to make them more appealing. Each circle indicates the number of peoples who use ecstasy in several European countries over the years.

Featured image of the project Ceci n'est pas une Bonbon