By Paula Lozano Urrego

The waters of The Amazonas river are the most turbulent in the world and home of exotic species practically unknown by the human being like the Pink Dolphin, an animal that manages to challenge the characteristics of its entire species to be able to survive in this wild habitat.

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Metaphor used:

In this metaphor the diversity is compared in the characteristics of the dolphins in the world with a brand of pencils of colours called Dolphins, in whose set Premiere there are 36 different colours which refer to the subspecies that compose this family of the animal kingdom and the name of the color corresponds to the common name of every subspecies, presenting those who live in the sea as a majority (tonalities of dark blue) and on the other hand the species that they live in rivers as a minority (tonalities of light blue) being only 8 pencils, which characteristics make them clearly different, and of among which is outlined especially rose, that evidently does not belong to the general range of colours referring to the unique subspecies that possesses really this colour and lives principally in the waters of the most turbulent river in the world, The Amazonas. Hereby it is possible to understand his rarety and "exclusivity" allowing to see how the general characteristics of the others turn into a stereotype that makes it unique on the planet.

Intended Meaning:

The intentionality of this infopoetry is first of all break the stereotype that dolphins are only sea water animals and secondly, it is to highlight the Pink Dolphin species (Inia geoffrensis) which is practically an unknown and a unique creature in the world for its colour that only inhabits mainly in Colombian territory specifically in the Amazon river.